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Endersession Placement - Request to Change

Students may request a change in Endersession placement if they are unable to fully engage in their assigned Enderssession.

In order to request a change in placement, students must complete the "Endersession Change Request" form.  The deadline to request change in Endersession is February 26 at 3pm.

Endersession Change Request Form

Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis in situations in which a student and family have serious concerns regarding placement. 

If your request for a new placement is granted, you will be required to have your parent sign off on your new placement before placement can be finalized.

Many Endersessions are currently fully enrolled.  Below is a list of options that can be listed as new placement requests.

Open Endersessions:

Guatemala Experience (2 more spots)
College Tours
Biking Martha's Vineyard
Shape the Universe
Finding the Muse in Museum
Hike the Long Trail
Sports Week
Where does food come from?