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High School Art

Art Department Philosophy

Creative thinking and expression is an increasingly important aspect of contemporary society, a tradition of all world cultures, and an innate human instinct. Having an understanding of basic technical principles; exposure to a diversity of  artists, styles, and movements from art history and contemporary art; and the freedom to create expressive pieces of art are all integral to empowering students with both the skills and creative vocabulary to be successful creative  thinkers, audiences, and artists.

IACS Online Art Gallery

This website is an online gallery for music, performance, and visual art by Innovation Academy‘s Middle and High School students. Students can use this site to collect images for Digital Portfolios and to show off work to family and friends: iacsartgallery.com

Form & Content 

This curriculum is for 9th and 10th grade students and emphasizes strategies for merging form and content through the exploration of three themes of visual art: Technique: visual concepts and materials; Exposure: exposure to a wide variety and diversity of images, artists, and ideas from throughout art history and contemporary art; and Expression: the opportunity for students to freely express themselves through creative projects.


Form & Content 9
Mr. Pelham
Grade 9
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Form & Content 10
Teacher: Mr. Barry
Grade 10
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Art & Technology
Teacher: Ms. Harrington
Grade 10-12
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Art Practices

This curriculum is for 11th and 12th grade students and is made up of semester-long elective classes which emphasize different materials, techniques, ideas, and aspects of art history or contemporary art. These elective courses are designed to transition students from instructional assignments to more self-directed projects in a wide variety of materials. Students will grapple with more advanced concepts, learn more sophisticated techniques, and will prepare students interested in applying to art school to create a portfolio.


Contemporary Art Practices
Teacher: Mr. Pelham
Grades: 11-12
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 Art Department Policies



Late Policy

If a student is not able to turn in a major assignment on time, he or she must make arrangements with the teacher within 24 hours of the due date. At the discretion of individual teachers, students may be provided extra time to receive partial credit on major assignments. Make-up assignments must be submitted within 7 calendar days (1 week) from the original due date. Assignments submitted before the 7 day window will receive a lower grade in the Work Habits strand (5 points lost for every day late) but fully assessed in all other strands. Assignments turned in after the 7 day window will be graded as a zero in all strands. Late homework must be turned in by the next class.

Academic Integrity

Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. If students are caught cheating or intentionally passing off another’s work as their own they will receive a failing grade for the assignment, must re-do the assignment for no credit, and risk a failing grade for the semester.


All students must be present and punctual to all classes with a good attitude, put effort into all assignments, and show respect for all students and class materials.