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Projects, homework, and activities

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Heart rate recovery exercise and online heart activity 12/20 http://www.pbs.org/wnet/heart/index.html 

Heart Dissection reflections due 12/20. 

Find a scientific research article in an area of your interest. Read and summarize (2-4 paragraphs) for class on Thursday. 

In-class activity 11/29/12 "Genetics and the Human Brain"

Watch in class 11/15 (substitute teacher):
http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/teenbrain/ Watch and take notes for a video quiz. Homework reminder: read the two teenage brain articles. Write what you feel the top 3 most interesting aspects about the brain/nervous system-Due Monday.

Teenage Brain Readings  http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2011/10/teenage-brains/dobbs-text and http://harvardmagazine.com/print/3556?page=all Please read both articles (to be assigned 11/13) to prepare for class discussions and future projects.
Answer: What do you feel are the top 3 most interesting aspects of the brain and/or nervous system? Explain Why. Due Monday 11/19.

Muscular System Quiz 11/13

Due 11/8/12 Create and activity and assessment to help classmates learn about the system that you modeled. In-class activity due to many students being on a field trip is watching "Extraordinary Humans:Muscles"

Human Body Systems Models Due 11/1

Cell and Human Body Systems Quiz-Thursday 9/20. Know the major organelles and their functions as well as list the major human body systems.

Anatomical Terminology Posters Assigned Monday 9/10 Due Thursday 9/13

Assignment 2: Life after IACS due Thursday 9/7

Assignment 1: "About me" presentations.
Due Tuesday Sept 4 
Create a 2-5 minute presentation about yourself! Please be sure to include at least one photo. The format is up to you (PowerPoint, poster, or speaking while passing around photos.)


Persuasive Essay-Due 10/20.
-Read the article at the Journal of the American Medical Association http://jama.ama-assn.org/content/early/2011/09/28/jama.2011.1525.full 
-Write a 1.5-2 page persuasive essay taking a stand on one side of this controversial issue.
   Helpful link for persuasive essays: http://www.studygs.net/wrtstr4.htm 

MoS Preferences-Due 10/13. Go to mos.org and look at exhibits. We will be visiting the Pompeii Exhibit at 9:30 on 11.1.11 and viewing the OMNI Film "Adrenaline Rush, the Science of Risk." 
    -Homework: list your top 3 choices of exhibits and a sentence or two explaining why that is your choice. 

A short cell quiz will be given on 9/22!

Cell Coloring Sheets, due Friday 9/16 after reading pages 193, 194, 196-205.

Cell Presentations-Due Tuesday 9/20 


Introduction to Human Organ Systems