Human Body Systems Review Presentations

  • work in pairs with a partner from another graduating class
  • Provide an introductory lesson to your chosen human organ/body system
  • Include an activity (game, modeling, drawing) to improve students understanding of material
  • Provide some assessment to determine if your introduction was effective (mini-quiz)
Due Friday the 17th with presentations beginning the following week.

You may:
  • Assign a reading prior to the lesson
  • Use videos or other online resources (virtual labs, games)
  • Use between 30 minutes to one hour of class time
  • Invite a guest speaker
  • Provide a list of needed materials to Ms. Burtch on the 17th
0-25 pts: Quality of Research (include a bibliography)
0-20 pts: Effective use of class time to prepare (work habits)
0-20 pts: Modeling/demonstration of familiarity with material
0-35 pts: Meets/exceeds requirements