Nutrition and Exercise

1/5/11 Diet and Activity Analysis

For your diet and activity analysis please use

Part I-

Please, in one email with “diet and activity analysis” in the title, please send/attach:

  • Under “Analyze Intake” click “calculate nutrient intake” and attach a screen shot.
  • Attach a “physical activity report summary” under the “Energy Balance” bubble
  • Attach a “caloric intake and expenditure summary” under the “Energy Balance” bubble.


Diet written reflection-

Please include:

  • Which nutrients you are lacking?
  • Nutrients that you are getting enough of.
  • What you could include in your diet to satisfy your nutritional needs (be specific with type of food and quantity)
  • Are you below, meeting, or exceeding your daily caloric needs?
    • What is the estimate for the number of calories you need per day?
    • How accurate do you feel this website is for analysis of your dietary needs?

Over break, you assignment is to track your diet and exercise for 3 days. Although three consecutive days may give a more accurate snapshot of your individual nutritional needs, it is not necessary to log three days in a row.

We will be using this free website unless you find another that you wish to use. Please check in via email if you are using another website. You will be given class time to enter your information into this system on Tuesday 1/4.

Please keep track of the following on paper or your favorite electronic device!
  1. EVERYTHING you eat AND drink. Make sure to write down the quantity-yes, you have to measure. Writing the time of day you eat/drink will make it easier to keep track.
  2. During the days you are tracking your diet, also track activity. This does not necessarily mean working out at the gym! Did you go walking around a shopping center? Shovel show? Keep track of the intensity and duration of your activities.