Smart Snack Social

Smart Snack Social: A healthy eating challenge and celebration! Last day of A&P 1/14/11


Objectives:  Share delicious food and recipes with classmates. Learn how to make a quick, nutritious, and affordable snack while increasing your knowledge of dietary requirements.


I. Prepare a snack/meal with sample “tastes” to share for approximately 25 people.

  • A. Create a recipe card with the ingredients__/quantities__/directions__ (including preparation and cooking time) on one side.*


  • B. Make a nutritional label for the reverse side of the recipe card.**


II. Short write-up (one paragraph) to include:

  • At least 3 reasons you feel your food item is “healthy”


  • Why you recommend this dish.


  • The estimated cost per serving.


Amazing Resource

*For inspirational recipes, google something like “quick, healthy, snack recipes,” in a cookbook, or maybe your best option is to ask friends, family and family to share their favorites!

**“Recipe card examples” and sample “nutrition labels” can be found in the same manner.


This also happens to be a friendly competition! Judges from outside of A&P will be evaluating your food on the following criteria: tastiness, affordability, nutritional content, visual appeal/presentation, and ease of preparation/time needed to create.