Vocabulary of Anatomy and Skeletal System

A&P Skeletal System: joints and bone health                                                Due 10/27


Make a Quiz (15 pts):

  1. Carefully read over the photocopied sheets on the skeletal system and joints.
  2. Find the common names of the joints described and write them on the photocopies.
  3. Create a quiz. What are the 10 -15 most important facts on these four pages? This should be typed and have an answer key.


Research/Create a Flier (25 pts):

  1. After reading the following links, create a mini flier (think 1/3 of a tri-fold brochure) highlighting factors that are key to bone health for high school and college students. Explain at least 3 things that are vital to strong bones as you age. What are several things that should be avoided?

**keep track of your sources and include in a bibliography!

4 Helpful links:

http://thebabybond.com/MilkingYourBones.html “The Big Dairy Fallacy”

http://www.nationaldairycouncil.org/HealthandWellness/DairysHealthBenefits/Pages/DairysRoleinBoneHealth.aspx  The National Dairy Council says…



http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/what-should-you-eat/calcium-and-milk/  The shorter story!


Great site courtesy of Richele and Heidi:

Skeletal System Answer Keys:


Activity 1-to increase your familiarity with the vocabulary we will be using for the remainder of the semester, you will be labeling images with directional and regional terms. You will likely need a minimum of three human figures to be able to use all of the terms from the link above.
Due Friday 10/8.

Suggested approach: print out the terms and paste/tape them on a magazine picture of a person or cartoon character.

1. Regional Terms-posterior and anterior

2. Body Orientation/Directional Terms