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Homework and in-class assignments

Most recent postings are at the top of this page! 

Human Body Systems Quiz on Friday, May 31
All extra credit is due on Friday, May 31 as well.

Evolution quiz on Friday, May 10.

-study notes from PBS videos and the reading handout.

Photosynthesis eSheet 3/13 and 3/14 in-class activity (Thanks Ms. Derival!)

First week of March, planting seeds! You will sketch your seedlings at least twice per week until April Break. Homework continues to be your family health history or controversy in genetics paper. 

Today (2/15), we are watching “Cracking Your Genetic Code.” On a separate sheet of paper, please respond to the following questions. It will also be helpful if you jot down notes on topics you find interesting.


  1. How many letters make up the human genome?
  2. What do genes code for?
  3. Make 2 columns on your paper entitled “Benefits of Genetic Testing” and “Risks of Genetic Testing.” Under the title, fill in benefits/risks of genetic testing throughout the movie.
  4. What is Huntington’s Disease?
  5. At the end of the video, please write about your thoughts on having your own DNA sequenced and analyzed for health conditions. How well do you want to know yourself?
We're tapping the sugar maples at school this week and will have sap for the IACS community soon! Please read the link and write a short summary for "The Hawk" publication. Due Wednesday Bio II, III, Thurs Bio I

Handout: DNA, The Double Helix due Friday 2/8

Handout: "Dihybrid and sex-linked traits" worksheet, due Wed 2/6 or Thurs 2/7, depending on which class occurs first. A punnett square and cell division quiz is scheduled for Monday 2/11 and Tues 2/12.

Intro to Genetics Worksheet-University of Utah Online Resource
-Due Monday and Tuesday Feb 4 and Feb 5

Intro to Genetics: 1/28, 1/29 PowerPoint is available on the biology academic site under "Class Notes and Powerpoint"
Homework: "Simple Genetics Practice Problems" Complete at home and due on Wednesday/Thursday (whichever class is first.)

1/15 and 1/16
Please read through this tutorial and take notes. We will have a diffusion osmosis lab within the week.

Semester II

Cell Models Due Thursday 1/10 and Friday 1/11 Extension! Now Due on Monday 1/14 and Tuesday 1/15
However, if you are finished on the original due date, you earn extra credit! Choose ANY assignment from semester 1, and increase the letter grade by one (ex. make that B an A on the assignment of your choice.) 

Cells! click link for our cell activities

Chemistry Unit: Macromolecule Project (poster, song, video) OR Chemistry Packet from textbook (2.2-2.4) Due 12/12 (Bio II, III) or 12/13 (Bio I),

pH Change and the Environment (assigned following pH in-class lab): Current Event Summary, Due Thurs  12/6 and Friday 12/7 for Bio I and II

Textbook reading and reading quiz: Read 2.1 and 2.2 in the biology textbook and take notes. There will be a reading quiz on Thursday and Friday 11/29 and 11/30.

Biology Substitute Plan 11/15 and 11/16watch http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/heat/view/ 
Video Assignment: take and save notes for an open-note movie quiz  

Biome Presentation and Brochure Assigned 11/8 and 11/9. Due 11/19 and 11/20 if link does not work, click here.

Reading from the Biology Textbook, chapter 3.4 (please use online text if possible-User names and passwords). Read and take notes on 3.4 for an open note quiz. Honors students will be challenged to take the quiz without having to refer to notes. Quiz Will be on Tuesday 11/6 for Bio I and Wednesday 11/7 for Bio II, III. Please focus on the carbon cycle, water cycle, and nitrogen cycle.

Microscope Quiz-29th and 30th, covers microscope parts, proper focusing, and preparing wet-mount slides.

Microscope Lab-handed out in class, read and answer pre-lab questions. Due 10/22 and 10/23

Aquatic/Marine Food Web and Field Guide Project Assigned 10/9/12 and 10/10/12. Due in 1 week. Models are due on Thursday or Friday 10/18 or 10/19-the last day that our class meets this week.

Homework from 10/1 and 10/2:
Look up 3 producers and 3 consumers that live in either the Merrimack River or Atlantic Ocean. Make sure to find the scientific name of each organism. Due 10/3 or 10/4 (next class.)

In class activity 9/26 and 9/27: Use the interactive food webs below to practice trophic levels. 

Textbook assignment: Read Chapter 1 and answer the "Standardized Test Prep" on page 31. Due Thursday 9/20 for Bio III, Friday 9/21 for Bio I and II.

In class assignment "Whales in Crisis" Video Worksheet-Due at the end of class 9/13 and 9/14

Campus Woods Posters Due Wednesday 9/19 Bio II, III and Thursday 9/20 for Bio I

Study Island Assignment 1: Pretest and Scientific Investigations (remember to read the lesson before the scientific investigations questions. Due Monday 9/17 for Bio III, Tuesday 9/18 Bio I, II 

Intro to Online Resources Homework Due Tuesday 9/11 Bio I, II and Monday 9/10 for Bio III

Life After IACS in-class assignment


Assignment 1: "About Me" Presentations
  • Include at least 1 photo
  • Talk for 2-5 minutes
  • Format is up to you (PowerPoint, poster, or speaking and passing photos)
  • Due Tuesday 9/4 for Bio I and II, Wednesday 9/5 Bio III