First Bio Homework 2010

The "1.1 Assessment" questions from page 9 in the book:

1. a. REVIEW: What is science?
b. EXPLAIN: What kinds of understanding dies science contribute about the natural world?
c. FORM AN OPINION: Do you think scientists will ever run out of things to study?

2. a. REVIEW: What does scientific methodology involve?
b. EXPLAIN: Why are hypotheses so important to controlled experiments?

A few hundred years ago, observations seemed to indicate that some living things could just suddenly appear: maggots showed up on meat; mice were found on grain; and beetles turned up on cow dung. Those observations led to the incorrect idea of spontaneous generation-the notion that life could arise from nonliving matter. Write a paragraph for a history magazine evaluating the spontaneous generation hypothesis. Why did it seem logical at the time? What evidence was overlooked or ignored?