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Whale Watch Permission Slip

Field Trip Permission Slip


Who:                          Sophomores and Juniors                    

What:                         Whale Watch

When:                        Monday, October 1, 8 am-2:30 pm

Where:                       Newburyport, MA

Why:                          Whale watch and historical site visits to learn about New England’s Maritime History, endangered/threatened species, and marine food webs.

Cost:                           $27 Sophomores ($17 for juniors) plus money for lunch (or bring a bagged lunch)

What to bring:          Clothes, raincoat, and shoes appropriate for the weather. Remember, it’s colder on the water and very breezy/windy. Plan on being outside all day.

Special Note: Over the counter   medications (Bonine, Antivert, Dramamine) may help for mild cases. Please speak with your doctor if you are prone to motion sickness as a prescription anti nausea medication may be advised.

**In the spring we learned that last-minute cancellations are not unusual! Please be prepared with school supplies (yes, have your homework ready!) in the event of cancellation.



Expectations for Safety & Respect

Your Whale Watch trip to is an extension of the school day even though you are not in our school building.  ALL IACS rules and expectations apply, including the dress code.  Below are specific behavioral guidelines so you are aware of expectations.


The following are basic behavioral expectations:

q      Stay with your group or partner or within given parameters of your chaperone

q      Maintain safe behavior so as not to threaten self or others, including students, teachers and chaperones and general public

q      Be on time and at all scheduled activities

q      Cooperation and compliance with all directions and guidelines


Please cut here and keep the top. Return bottom portion along with $27 for by 9/26/12

If permission and payment are submitted late, student risks being unable to attend. Cash or checks made out to IACS, please.


I give my child, _______________________________, permission to participate in the Whale Watch Field Trip on October 1, 2012. I understand that my child is to follow the rules and expectations of Innovation Academy Charter School and the directions of the chaperones on the trip.


______________________________                        _______________________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                          Date


I have read the expectations for safety and respect and agree to adhere to ALL IACS rules.



Student Signature

Sep 24, 2012, 12:40 PM