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Most recent assignments are posted at the top of this page

Photography Project begins 5/10 upload photos by 5/17

Newspaper Article: Due Wednesday 3/16
Spring is almost here! Many plants will soon be "leafing out" and beginning the process of photosynthesis once again. 
First: Read Chapter 8 on Photosynthesis in the textbook. 
    Online textbook www.biology.com UN: ILOVEIACS PW: innovation
Next, using the text, online resources, and the information from the "Winter Survival Strategies"       Poster, write a short article about the seasonal changes about to occur in the world of plants. 
Please be sure to include: basic concepts of photosynthesis (ATP, structures, and cycles),  and factors that influence the rate of photosynthesis.
*Several will be chosen for publication/sharing with local newspapers!

Homework, due 3/4:
Cells Reading-pg 193-194; 197-205; 207; and 210-211
Online textbook www.biology.com UN: ILOVEIACS PW: innovation

Tapping the Maples!!
Answer these questions based on the readings:
    1. Describe how to choose a place to drill into the tree along with the tools required.
    2. If you want to have 4 cups (1 quart) of syrup, how much sap do you need?
    3. How many tap holes could we safely put in the trees on campus? Explain.

*Winter Survival Strategies of Plants Poster Due 2/18:
    Using the reading below and one additional source of your choice, make a poster displaying various survival strategies of plants.

* Readings Assigned 2/15/11, please read by Wednesday 2/16

* "My 3 Favorites" Due Tuesday 2/8/11. Extra 5 points for presenting early on 2/1 or 2/2. Rubric attached below.

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