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Botany Video Project

Botany Video Project


Mission: Enlighten and astound the IACS community with details on producing maple syrup, winter plant survival strategies, and photosynthesis.


Proposal Includes:

  • A timeline for the progress of the film (assume at least 1 hr per class meeting time)
  • Sub-group names and roles for each student
  • A deadline/video premiere date
  • Equipment and materials list


Progress Reporting

  • At the end of each class, the sub-groups will fill out a logbook and verbally share progress with classmates.


Grading Rubric:

*The entire class receives one grade. Individual grades may be adjusted according to several pre-determined work habits evaluations.





D to C


100% Participation and work is distributed fairly amongst the class.

Most of class participates. Work is distributed evenly.

It would be apparent to a classroom visitor that the majority of work is being completed by only part of the class.


Video explains topics mentioned in the mission very well. There is significant evidence of student learning/understanding.

Topics mentioned in the mission are explained well well. There is satisfactory evidence of student learning/understanding.

Topics mentioned in the mission are not adequately addressed. There is demonstrated lack of student learning/understanding.

Spelling, Pronunciation, and Grammar


Mistakes would go unnoticed by most viewers.

Errors are obvious and interfere with the final product.

Design and Layout

Video excels with organization and is captivating to the audience.

Product is interesting and well organized.

Video could use further editing and “flair.”


Sound is clear and camera work is smooth. Tarantino would be impressed.

Sound/images are good.

Sound is muffled/difficult to hear. Images are not smooth.


and deadlines

Teams strive to be efficient and meet established deadlines.

Any delays are communicated and teams are close to schedule.

Work is late and time was not used efficiently.

Totals and comments:











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