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Photography Project

Botany Campus Photography Project

Please upload photos before class on Tuesday, May 17.

I created an account at http://www.shutterfly.com
pw: botany
Please upload 2 photos and name them using your first name (and last initial Emilys) for example: Swamp monster zhenya n. 


Homework: find a digital camera to bring in May 10 and May 11


The Plan:

-As a group, walk the perimeter of campus on May 10, visiting the “Great Swamp,” Quarries, and fields.

-On May 11, break into small groups to use the class to take photos.



A: Plant Focus

  • Take a close up (macro) photograph of a plant
  • Take a landscape photo

You must identify the plant(s) present in the photo with both common name as well as the latin name.


B: Wildlife and Plant Focus

  • Photograph an animal
  • Take a picture of a major plant-based food source for this animal

Ex. Squirrel/acorns; Moose and aquatic vegetation of choice; etc

            You will also be identifying the organisms with their common and latin names 


  • Each student will put their photos in the student shared folder.
  • In class, students will give a slideshow, and select 2 photos to print.
  • Photos will be printed 8x10 and framed and displayed through exhibition night. Students who purchased their prints/frames may take theirs home at this time.