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Guide to conducting your study part 3

Guide to conducting your own study- Part 3



Analyze your data

-Now that you have collected your data, you can start to see if there are any patterns or trends in your information.

-Your first step is to find measures of central tendency for each of your variables.  This will help you get an idea of the spread of your data.  For each variable, you should find the mean, median, mode, range and standard deviation.

-Next, you will plot all of your points on a graph.  This graph should plot x vs. y and will help you decipher if there is a clear relationship between your variables. 

-If you recognize a clear relationship between your variables, you should be able to plot a line of best fit, a line that will represent that relationship.

-You will then describe this relationship, either mathematically or verbally.  Make sure not to overstate your findings.





Report your results

Now that you have completed your study and analyzed your variables, you need to report the results of your study.  However, it is not enough to simply report these results.  Rather, you should report on your whole study.  Make sure your poster/report/power point answers the following questions:

What question were you trying to answer? 

What did your research on this topic say? 

What variables did you study?  

What procedure did you use to gather data? 

How did you analyze this data? 

What did you find? 

How confident are you in the validity of these results? 

Are your results genaralizable to a greater population, or are they only relevant to the people in your sample?