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Step by step project how to

Project #2 Handout #1


For your second science project of the year, you will conduct a simple scientific study.   This will require picking a question to study, doing background research, picking a sample of people to study, surveying that sample, compiling and analyzing data and reporting your results. 


Steps to success:

1.     Pick a question that you would like to study. 

-The question should relate two quantifiable (numerical) variables

-You may come up with your own question or pick from the list

-If you pick your own question, you should get it approved before beginning your study


                  2. Do some research to see if other people have studied your question

            -Find at least 2 sources that discuss a relationship between the two variables

            you are studying

            -In about a paragraph, write a summary of what each of the sources you find

            reports about the variables you are studying (a min of 2 paragraphs total)

            -use MLA citations to create a works cited page for your sources



             3. Once you have completed your research, determine how you will

operationalize your variables

-What can you measure that be a good indicator of the variables you are


-Create a survey or experiment that you will use to collect data about your


-Before proceeding have your survey approved by Mr. Renau


4.  Make your hypothesis

-What do you think the answer to you question will be? Why?

-What results would you have to get to support your hypothesis?

-What results might disprove or cast doubt on your hypothesis?


5.  Pick your sample

-What population of people does your study concern?

-How can you most practically get a representative sample of that population

-Once you determine your sample, decide how you will administer your



6. Conduct your study

-Administer your survey and collect your data


7. Analyze your data

-Find measures of central tendency for each of your variables

(mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation)

-Graph your data to show any relationships between x and y variables

-Determine a line of best fit if one exists


8.  Report your results.  In 1 paragraph answer the following


-Did you find a relationship between your variables or did the data seem


                        -Is “y” dependent on “x”

                        -If you know someone’s “x” value, can you make any predictions about

their “y” value?

            -If there is a relationship, what is that relationship?  Is it a strong relationship

or a weak one?

-What does your data say about the question you asked?

-What flaws in the design of your study might have skewed your results


9.  Make a poster, power point or other presentation to show your work. 

It must include the following information:

___The two sources you researched

___ Your two summaries of these sources

___ A work cited page citing your sources

___ Your question

___ A copy of your survey

___ A one paragraph explanation of how your sample represents the

      population you are studying

___ A table showing all the data you recorded

___ The mean, median mode and standard deviation of your two variables

___ A graph of your x and y variables

___ A one paragraph report of the findings of your study



            10. Write your own scientific paper (for honors or extra credit)