Homemade cooler

1. Insulation project


Each student will build a small cooler from materials they find.  They will attempt to build the most effective insulator possible from recycled/reused materials.  To test their contraption, each student will be given an ice cube to preserve in their cooler.  Students will be judged on how much of the ice cube remains solid after 90 minutes. 

Requirements for project:


-The cooler must have an interior volume of at least 200ml, and be able to fit

a rectangular object that is 5cmx5cmx10cm

-The cooler must have a door or some way to put the ice cube inside of it

-Each material used for the cooler must be identified and discussed in the written report


-The cooler must have an exterior volume of less than 10 litres

            -All materials used to build the cooler must be reused/recycled

Requirements for write up:

            -Define conduction, convection and radiation and explain how your

cooler insulates your ice cube from each

-Identify each material you use and rank them in density and thermal conductivity