New Solar Technology

Each research assignment may be presented either in a paper, a power point or a movie but must include at least 2 pages of original typed text.  In addition, you must correctly cite at least 3 reliable sources in MLA format and include a works cited page.  For help with MLA format consult Mr. Renau or reference

   New solar technologies

-Identify a new (developed within the last 5 years) type of solar technology or system, explain how it works and how it will likely fit into the green energy marketplace.  Be sure that your report answers the following questions:

            -Does this involve passive or active solar technology?

            -Is this technology based on a new scientific discovery or has it

evolved from existing solar technology?

-Is this technology best suited for residential, commercial, industrial

use or would it work equally well in all three?

-How expensive is this technology?  Would it produce enough power to pay for that cost?  If so, how long would it take to realize these energy savings?