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Project Objectives, Guiding Questions and Standards

Hydraulics Project


Objectives/guiding questions/skills/standards


            -Students will develop a strong understanding of buoyancy and be able to

determine if an object will float or sink

            -Students will be able to calculate and explain pressure

            -Students will demonstrate understanding of conservation of energy and

relate this understanding to the relationship between force and distance in

the work formula


-Guiding questions

            -What is buoyancy? Why do things float or sink? How do we experience

buoyancy on a daily basis? 

            -What are hydraulics?  Why are they used? How can they multiply force?

            -What is pressure?  How do we experience pressure is our daily lives?

            -How does the engineering design process support effective design and



-Required/built skills

            -Students will calculate surface area and volume of 3 dimensional figures

            -Students will use a scale to measure the mass of different objects

            -Students will calculate density from mass and volume (d=m/v)

            -Students will calculate the force of gravity (f=ma) (a=9.8m/s2)

-Students will calculate pressure (p=f/a)

-Students will measure the radius and calculate the area of a circle (a=pr2)

-Students will convert from N/m2 to psi

-Students will use and understand the engineering design process

            -Teamwork and communication

-Mass standards

            -Engineering 3.2, 3,3

            -Math skills

                        - Solve simple algebraic expressions

                                    - Measure with accuracy and precision

                        - Use both metric/standard international