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Project 1: Measurement and Conversions


Project #1  Measurement and Conversions


This will be your first project of the year and will be focused on measurement and unit conversions.  For this assignment, you will express 5 quantities in a number of different ways. 


First you must chose a quantity in each of the following categories and display it in its English Unit, then in metric (systeme internationale) units.  Any number larger than 1000 or smaller than .001 must also be written in scientific notation.  Each number must be reported in each of the listed units.  At least one of your measurements must be something you measured yourself.  You must include a picture of the object being measured.


-Weight (Lbs, tons, mg, g, kg)

-Length/distance (in, miles, cm, m, km)

                    -Time (seconds, minutes, hours, days, years)

                    -Temperature (C, F, Kelvin)

                    -Area (in, ft, mi, m, km [all squared])


All this information must be presented in a poster or on a PowerPoint.  You may choose a different way of displaying the information if you get it approved first.  You must show all your work from your conversions, including all numbers and conversion factors used.  There is no need to include arithmetic calculations, as you will be doing them on your calculator.  Please only use PowerPoint if you are familiar with it, I don’t want to be spending class time figuring it out.



Project Checklist:


___ One weight expressed in 5 different units

___ One length expressed in 5 different units

___ One time expressed in 5 different units

___ One temperature expressed in 3 different units

___ One area expressed in 5 different units

___ An actual measurement for one of the quantities

___ A photo of the quantity being measured

___ All numbers more than 1000 or less than .001 expressed in scientific notation

___ Work presented in a neat, professional, visually appealing way

___ All work shown for conversions

For help with conversions see Step by step unit conversion