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Some ideas for study questions

Hey, here are just some ideas for questions to study, with possible x and y variables for these questions.

Do people who spend more time reading get better grades in school?

x: hours each week spent reading

y: gpa


Do people who like rock music have longer hair?

X: how much you like rock music on a 1-10 scale

Y: length of hair



Do people who get less sleep drink more coffee?

X: average hours of sleep each day

Y: cups of coffee consumed each week



Do people with longer commutes drive faster?

X: length of commute in hours

Y: average highway cruising speed



Do people who spend more time at the mall spend more money shopping?

X: Hours per week at the mall

Y: $ spent each week



Do people who spent more time on their projects get better grades?

X: Hours spent working on a project

Y: Grade on that project


 Do people who play sports get more serious injuries?

X: Hours per week spent playing sports

Y: Trips to the emergency room for accidents