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Science Honors

Science Department Honors Credit


Students taking science courses at Innovation have a number of options for earning honors credit.  All honors work will require a high degree of dedication, self-direction and strong, independent work habits.  Honors credit will require students attending honors meetings, which may occur as frequently as weekly and at least an additional hour each week of independent work.  That being said, there will be three different options for honors credit that may appeal to students based on different levels of independence, creativity and collaboration:


-       First, students may receive honors credit by doing extension work or preparing for standardized tests, like the MCAS or SAT II.   Extension work would consist of extra reading or additional problems or questions on homework assignments.  Standardized test preparation would also consist of weekly assignments from a text focusing on the specific skills and knowledge required for that assessment.


-       A second option for students who wish to earn honors credit, but would prefer more hands-on learning, is a school-wide project.  Students from each science class will collaborate with teachers and community members toward one common goal.  Students will work together to choose from a number of option to decide upon one project to undertake for the whole school year.  The majority of the first semester will be spent researching and sharing ideas, while the second semester would be spent designing and building the project.  For honors credit, students will be expected to keep a weekly journal of their research and contribution, as well as complete a short paper, poster or presentation detailing their work over each semester.  This option for honors requires both self-directed study as well as cooperation with staff, peers and the community.  


-       Students who are not interested in either working on a school-wide project or on doing extension work have an additional option.  If a student wishes to complete an independent project for science class honors, they may submit a proposal and set up meeting times with the teacher, as well as benchmarks for success.  This option most clearly relies on self-directed study, but does not depend heavily on cooperation.