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Pitching your idea

Pitch Day:

Monday October 18th (as well as the 25th if necessary) will be “Pitch Day”.  This will be the first concrete step toward the design and creation of group projects.  Having spent the first month of the honors project educating themselves on different ways of generating electricity without the use of fossil fuels, students should have begun to formulate specific ideas about how they might do this.  As research progresses, students should really start envisioning how different methods of generating electricity could be implemented here at IACS.  These ideas should be shared between students.  
Once a group of students (or one particularly driven individual) has an idea, they should prepare to pitch that idea for the group. This pitch should include some of the findings from your research, the idea you have for generating energy and what you foresee your biggest challenges to be.  

Information to include in your pitch:
-Background about the technology you envision building at our school
-what type of energy generation is (mechanical, solar, bio fuel, etc)
-how long has this technology been available?  is its use widespread or is it


-are there units commercially available to purchase?  if so, how much do they cost?

(cost per unit or cost per watt of generated electricity)
-is the technology energy efficient (do we get more energy out of it than we put in?)
-what is the typical payback period? (How long does it take for the energy generated to pay for the project?)
-building at our school
-how would you envision this technology working at our school?
-where would you build it?
-what maintenance would it need?
-technology specifics
-how does this technology work?
-how does each component of the technology work?
-how is the energy harnessed?  how does it become electricity?
-If the energy will not be used right away, how will it be stored?
-anticipated challenges or needs
-what additional knowledge do you need to build your alternative energy source?

-what materials will you need to build your alternative energy source?

-what tools will you need to build your alternative energy source?

-cost estimate and sources of funding/materials/expertise
-how much will the materials cost for your project? can you get any donated?
-based on your cost estimate, what is the payback period for this project?
-what help will you need to complete your project? where can you get it?
-where can you get the funding you need for your project?
-are there any local businesses or organizations that might be interested in

helping to sponsor your project?

-are there other schools, individuals or organizations that have completed

similar projects and might have help/advice to offer you?