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Success in Engineering Class

How to be successful in engineering class:

1. Come to class prepared each day
    You should bring a small binder dedicated to engineering class.  In this binder you should have paper for taking notes, all reference materials from class and any home work or class work from the current unit.  You should also come with a calculator, pens and pencils.  When we are working with textbooks, you should always bring your book to class.

2. Complete your weekly homework assignments
    Your homework assignments are always due on Monday.  They will be listed on the board or on this website.  Readings will generally be short and the questions and/or math will not be overly repetitive.  These assignments are not designed to be difficult or take much more than an hour.  Do them.  If you have any difficulty at all, please ask Mr. Renau for help in class or come for extra help.   Each assignment counts as a work habits grade, and weekly quizzes are usually based on the homework.  

3. Follow the checklists and rubrics on projects
       The expectations for projects are not a mystery.  They should be very clear before you begin work on your project.  As such, you know pretty much exactly what to do to earn a good grade.  If you are unclear on the expectations in any way, see Mr. Renau for clarification.  

4. Produce work that shows effort and creativity
       Your work demonstrates your effort.  More effort is almost always a good thing.  Your work demonstrates your creativity.  More creativity is almost always a good thing.  Both your effort and creativity will be rewarded in all rubrics.  Be mindful of the way you present your work.  Even a project with great content can seem subpar if pictures are not properly glued to a poster, if there are typos or if any work is not legible.  You should show pride in your work.

5. Check your school email daily and regularly check the course website
    I will try to communicate as frequently as possible with you all by email any time anything comes up.  Also, I work to put all class material on the website to help you to complete your work and/or get caught up if you miss class.  As the word gets ever more web-based, make sure you stay familiar with the tools and tasks that come with this change.