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Vocabulary 1

criteria- desired features or characteristics

constraints- limitations to be considered when designing and developing a new technology

innovation- the invention of a new device or system based on existing technologies

prototype- a full-scale working model that tests whether a technology meets the requirements

R and D- Research and development- the name given for the part of a company responsible for developing new products

niche market- a specific group of target consumers

mass market- all consumers in general

intuitive- based on understandings we have that don't require conscious thinking, instinctive

ergonomics- designing products to be used in the most efficient manner

bid- the price a company offers a client for a job to be done

technology- Any way we change the world around us to better meet our needs. The practical application of scientific knowledge.

scientist- Scientists are largely responsible for the information and knowledge gathering and development in the field of technology. Scientists make new discoveries, conduct experiments, report on their own knowledge and review the work of other scientists. Although they are often involved int he process of designing new technology, it is not their primary duty. Their primary duty is to research and confirm the scientific principles upon which new technologies are based.

engineer- Engineers innovate. They use existing knowledge to design new and better solutions to the problems or individuals, industries, governments, etc. Although they need to be knowledgable about all scientific theories and discoveries relevant to their work, they are not responsible for finding new information or developing new theories.

technician- Technicians work in all fields of technology and are responsible for building and maintaining technology. Although they do not design new technologies, they must have a good understanding of how they work

electrical engineering-

mechanical engineering-

civil engineering-

chemical engineering-

software engineering-

human factors specialist-