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Homework Due 2/14/11

This week, we will be working together to assemble a book of different hand and power tools to use as reference.  Each student will make a small 8.5x11 poster about one tool, and these pages will be bound together into a book.  Each student is assigned a tool to research in class.  This assignment will be worth one work habits grade and one research grade.

-Each student should make an 8.5x11 size poster which should be 3 hole punched and reinforced.
-Work Habits:
    -The poster is neat and easy to read
    -The poster includes at least two relevant visuals
    -The poster should be handed in at the beginning of class on 2/14
    -The poster should include the name of the tool as well as specific names of different 
    versions/types of that tool.
    -The poster should include a picture of that tool
    -The poster should include a picture of the tool being used
    -The poster should report at least 3 different applications of this tool
    -The poster should demonstrate/explain how the tool works
    -The poster should identify the mechanical advantage being used, if the tool converts from one type
    of energy to another (potential to kinetic etc.) and/or any other relevant principles that it uses to 
    operate (leverage, pressure, friction etc.)