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Math Review

The following Videos were compiled by Diane Riendeau to serve as a review of some important math concepts that come up in Physics.  Try looking here if you are stuck on a math concept.
  1. 1) Order of operations 2) Order of operations – Fractions 3) Absolute value 4) Linear equations – Two-step equations 5) Linear equations – Fractions 6) Two step formulas 7) Formulas – Fractions 8) Word problems – Number problems 9) Graphing and slope – Points and lines 10) Graphing and slope – Slope from graph 11) Graphing and slope – Slope from two points 12) Equations – Slope intercept equation 13) Equations – Put in intercept form 14) Equations – Graph 15) Equations – Given two points 16) Distance – Opposite directions 17) Exponents –Product rule 18) Exponents – Quotient rule 19) Exponents – Power rules 20) Exponents - Zero 21) Exponents – Negative exponents 22) Scientific Notation – Convert 23) Scientific Notation - Close to scientific 24) Scientific Notation - Multiply and divide:

Higgs Boson top

When cool things happen in physics research, teachers must take advantage of the opportunity to get students interested in what physicists are doing. The Higgs boson is a perfect example. Check out these videos on the Higgs boson.
The article in this issue of TPT about the Higgs discovery was written by the same gentleman who stars in the first video.
  • What is a Higgs Boson? www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIglVh7uPyw.
  • The Higgs Boson (God Particle) Explained: www.youtube,com/watch?v=EtrOSf297sw. I like this video as it is a scientist explaining what makes high energy physics experimentation so exciting.
Special thanks to Kim Fermoyle (Harrington High School) and Marianna Anthea Bannon (Mundelein High School) for recommending these videos.
YouTube Physics
Diane Riendeau, Phys. Teach. 50, 371 (2012), DOI:10.1119/1.4745696