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Innovation Academy Charter School views Challenge as a key to promoting wellness and physical fitness through sports, fun, and fair play.


The Program

Challenge classes emphasize Innovation Academy's outcomes of effective communication and problem solving. While competition is undeniably a key component of sport, Challenge classes emphasize team work and reflection during all activities. Students are exposed to a wide variety of sports and team building activities requiring them to think outside of the box, and to become effective problem solvers and communicators. Students will, by repetitive practice, acquire and refine a variety of manipulative locomotor and non-locomotor movement skills, and will utilize principles of training and conditioning. Students will learn biomechanics and exercise physiology, and will apply the concept of wellness to their lives.

Unit overview fall/winter 2011-2012
1st unit: Soccer
2nd unit: Hip-hop/jazz dance
3rd unit: Ultimate Frisbee
4th unit: Flag Football if class earns it and weather permitting.
5th unit: Yoga
6th unit:  Basketball
7th unit: Floor Hockey (time permitting)


Students are graded at the end of two quarters based on their:

Participation/Attendance/Proper Attire : %60
Behavior: %25
Understanding and ability to demonstrate their understanding of the units: %15