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Our students are challenged to think critically and creatively through a project based, interdisciplinary curriculum. Students learn how to effectively approach their work both individually and in teams. We ask students to actively engage in ideas and examine topics through multiple perspectives. 

Our students learn to recognize the connections between academic disciplines and applications to the outside world. Skills and concepts are not taught in isolation; students and staff collaborate to form a highly connected community of learners. We hold a belief that increased connection and collaboration in our school fosters a richer learning experience. 

Our students are required to put their knowledge and skills into context through authentic project assignments. Additionally, they are expected to create and present their work publicly via oral presentations as well as on-line digital portfolios. Finally, high school students extend their learning outside the classroom through off campus experiences. 

An innovator is someone who improves who sees possibilities and solutions when others do not. The graduates of the Innovation Academy Charter School works to foster a climate where students develop the skills and passion for learning that will make a difference.

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The English program at Innovation Academy introduces students to a range of reading and writing while engaging students in in-depth, project-based learning. Throughout the program, we place a strong emphasis on the writing and revision process: teaching students not just to reword but to re-think as they work through multiple revisions of papers.

In the 9th and 10th grades, the IACS English curriculum is aligned with the History curriculum, with students studying world literature in the 9th grade and American literature in 10th. In selected units, the History and English curricula are intermingled, giving students more time to focus in depth on cultural and historical themes.

Current Courses & Teachers

  • 7th Grade English with Mr. Smith
  • 7th Grade English with Mr. Smith
  • 7th Grade English with Mr. Smith
  • 7th Grade English with Mr. Smith