Welcome to Mrs. Aceto-Delorge's Biology class!

Teacher:Mrs. Heather Aceto-Delorge
Email:                 hacetodelorge@innovationcharter.org
Extra Help:Mondays 3:10 - 4:10 PM, or by appointment, in room 245

! Welcome !    to our course page for Biology! You can use this page as a resource throughout the semester. You will find our course syllabus and lab safety contract here as well as our Class Logs. Other important documents can be found in the Unit folders in the Course Documents section.  When applicable, be sure to open documents specific to your BLOCK (A, B).

Course Overview

In this course, students will explore the fields of biochemistry, cellular biology, genetics, evolution, and ecology. Within each unit, students will explore connections between major concepts and systems in the human body. A major focus of the course will be the development of experimental design and documentation skills.  Through a major project examining how cleaning products affect bacteria, students will design and conduct their own experiment, analyze data, and present their results to their peers.  In addition to the project, there will be approximately 10 labs during the year through which students will apply their classroom learning and practice lab skills. Throughout the course, special emphasis will be placed on gaining familiarity with the local ecosystem, relevant current events, and real world application of coursework.  

Course Documents


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