Our Schedule
Middle School students have a unique schedule, which supports our mission of engaging students in project-based learning. Students have both project classes, which are hands-on and meet for two hour blocks four days a week, and skills classes, which meet for one hour each day.

Students take one project class each quarter and they alternate between science-focused project and social studies-focused projects.

For project classes, students are grouped in multi-age homebases. Over a two year period they have an opportunity to build a strong relationship with their teachers while the teachers have the opportunity to get to know each individual student and their family.

Students also take skills classes in language arts and mathematics. These classes are taught in grade level groups and they meet for one hour each day. In seventh and eight grade, students also have their Spanish, challenge, health, and art classes by grade level. Fifth and sixth grade students take these classes in their Homebase groups which are mixed age level.

“The school helps my child develop public speaking and critical thinking skills, constantly reinforces self-direction and accountability, and engages my child with creative and interactive curriculum.”

— Innovation Parent

Highlighting Student Work
Project work, graded on clear rubrics that outline the standards students are striving to meet, is a fundamental part of all classes at IACS. 

Each year, student highlight their strongest projects by  presenting them in public at regularly scheduled Quality Nights. In addition, students keep a portfolio of their best work that they present at Jury Days that are a requirement for advancement from 6th and 8th grades.

Advisory: Mission and Purpose

Each student is a member of a small advisory group at IACS in which they can develop and enhance their social and emotional skills, develop positive organization and work habits, and practice local and global citizenship. Students meet in a multi-age configuration (a mixed 5th/6th grade group or 7th/8th grade group) on every full school day with their staff advisor. The advisory program exists to develop trusting and supportive relationships between adults and students to improve on the overall experience of students while at IACS.

Through advisory, students practice and build proficiency in the four IACS outcomes of Self-Direction, Problem Solving, Community Membership, and Effective Communication. Advisories engage in fun, non-academic activities or challenges that build group spirit and cohesiveness, and encourage students to develop critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. Students also learn strategies to manage the academic demands of middle school. The advisor helps develop and monitor Individual Learning Plans (ILP) and monitor student progress toward maintaining a portfolio of a student’s best work. The advisor acts as a liaison with families, partnering to ensure students are making strong academic, social, and emotional growth.

Team Pages

Middle school students are divided into four teams named for the school's four outcomes. Calendars with major assignments and extra help times for each team can be found below. For 5/6 teams there is also a document listing nightly homework.

5/6 Community Membership Effective Communication
7/8 Problem Solving Self Direction