In Middle School Art students explore a wide variety of materials and techniques, learn about art elements and principles, and are exposed to diverse art movements and artists. Students engage in a variety of projects that provide opportunities for both skill development and creative expression. 


5th & 6th Grade Projects

During this year of study, students explore elements of art such as shape, color, value and perspective, through drawing, painting and printmaking. We will develop new skills during our first three units: Drawing from Observation, Color Mixing with Paint, and Printmaking Landscapes in Perspective.  Interspersed throughout these units we will learn about a variety of artists and art movements, such as Impressionism, Surrealism and Pop Art. For the final project of the year, students will work in the media of their choice and create an original piece demonstrating skills and concepts learned during the year.

7th Grade Projects

Seventh graders focus on the idea of Narrative in art during the course of the year. Starting with the idea of developing characters, we explore the figure both in 2D and 3D through gesture drawing and the creation of paper mache figures. Students consider plot as we learn storyboarding techniques and look at how filmmakers and comic artists effectively communicate their story through compositional choices.  For their final project, students can choose to work independently or with a small group to create a Stop Motion Animation or a Comic Strip/Book.


8th Grade Projects

During eighth grade, students study Design in art class. We will explore both Graphic Design and Fashion Design this year. We begin the year learning about Type Design. Students will create a linoleum print of an original type, considering how to communicate a mood or idea through their design. We will look at Fashion through time and consider both the utility and design of wearable garments and accessories. For their final project, students will create garments and accessories out of recycled materials for display at our year end art show.