Spanish instruction at the middle school utilizes a method called OWL (Organic World Language) which provides students with 100% immersion experience, simulating a Spanish-speaking country. OWL promotes kinesthetic, interactive learning in which the students help to generate the topics. Classes are conducted primarily in a circle with students standing, moving, interfacing with everyone in class. Students learn to infer meaning, how to express themselves using circumlocution in Spanish, and how to take risks in order to increase proficiency in Spanish. Spanish is offered to students in grades 6-8.



An Immersion Approach

Students are expected to participate 100% of the time in Spanish class, and to stay in Spanish throughout the class. By immersing themselves in Spanish, students begin to learn the natural way.

Rather than keeping quiet for fear of making mistakes, Innovation students are encouraged to speak as often as possible, embracing errors as a natural part of learning a language.

Day-to-day classes use games, constant physical activity, and group-building methods to create an error-tolerant, risk-free environment for students to learn in.


While classes focus on active games and improvisational fun, students complete a number of assignments to both assess and support their language learning.

Cuadernos: students write in Spanish regularly in notebooks during class and at home.

Learning Journal: Students keep a reflective journal about the experience of acquiring a new language. 

Rubrics: Students are assessed with rubrics at least once a quarter. The rubrics help students monitor their growth on the ACTFL proficiency scale.