Mrs. Johnson 8th Grade

Teacher: Mrs. Johnson
Extra Help: Tuesdays 3 to 4pm Extra Help room 403 or by appointment.

Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Mrs. Johnson's 8th grade math class. As your teacher, I look forward to an enjoyable, productive and meaningful year in math. 

Just like you will be doing as a student, I as your teacher have several goals this year for myself that I will share with you.        
I am open to suggestions and ideas when it comes to this web page.  If you know something that would be more helpful or you found a math game you think is worth sharing, email me and let me know.

The following tools are available to you on this site:
  • Current Rubrics & Other Documents (see on the right)
    • All of the documents you need for this class can be found in these folders. For example: homework answer keys, revision cover sheets, rubrics, etc.

  • Class Lessons & Notes
    • Lessons & Notes Section
      • Video lessons of skills covered in class. It's a great tool for when students are absent.
      • Reference to chapter and textbook page numbers.
      • Overview of the most important topics on upcoming quiz.

  • Textbook's Website
  • Checking Current Grades

Current Rubrics & Other Documents

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