At Innovation Academy Charter School, we stay in touch with families through a variety of methods, including our website, calendars, email, and regular print publications that go home with students.

Each week, IACS sends "The Hawk" home with updates about important events in our school. You can access an online version of that newsletter here:

IACS Community List-Serve
The List-Serve is used to send regular updates to families. The mailing list is only for announcements and is usually limited to about a message a week.


> School Updates: Regular updates on our webpage about academics, cancellations, health updates, extracurriculars and athletics.

Calendar: Our calendar includes major school events, athletics competitions, parents nights, and other activities.

> Outcomes: Stories from our Outcomes magazine, our print publication, are regularly highlighted on our website to show the work that our school and alumni are doing.

> Mailing List: Important updates are emailed out regularly to everyone who signs up for our announcements-only community list-serve. Read the archives or sign up on this page.