The Student Services Department provides support to students with Individualized Education Plans.  We are committed to providing students a free and appropriate education in the most inclusive setting and value the IEP Team process.  Throughout the middle and high schools, students are served through in class inclusion support, as well as specialized services such as speech, occupational therapy, reading, and counseling.  


Director of Student Services:  Aimee Voleti:  extension x2232 

Liaison Contact Information can be found on the school’s general directory.  If you are unclear who your child’s Student Services Liaison is, please contact Tracy Guillemette at extension x2230




Our goal is to increase student independence while helping students develop the skills necessary to advocate for themselves.

Inclusion Model

IACS meets the needs of all its students through an inclusive learning environment. This means that students with special needs are integrated in classes with their peers to the greatest extent possible in the least restrictive environment. This may differ from traditional schools which place students in smaller group settings for instruction. These classes are commonly called “resource rooms”.

A majority of classes at IACS are co-taught meaning that there are two teachers in the classroom assisting students. A student services teacher or a student services instructional aide, and a General Educator.

General Educators and Student Services Teachers meet weekly to discuss curriculum planning. This includes incorporating differentiated instruction for students with special needs and discussing modifications and accommodations to the curriculum.